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Hi.. this is my first post... I last had intercourse, about a week ago. I was due on my period on the 8th. How it normally goes each month is on the 4th ill have mild cramps, then the 7th light bleeding, and on the 8th full blown period, except the only thing that happened this month, was a ton of discharge.. no period.

I've only had mild cramps, and I was cleaning my house and well I felt something. It felt like a queef i think? Like alot of medium thickness stuff came out, and well I checked and the tiniest amount of blood came out, accept not the normal colour.. and I wiped and this came out.. it was quite watery and looked like a light pinky red colour. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning, and it was negative. I have no idea what's going on.. can anyone help? Has anyone experienced this before please?

Pictures below

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I don't know if I'm pregnant

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