Werid period coming early every month

Hey I need help to see what going on with my period. So my periods have always been normal starting around the 23 and lasting 5 days. Now for the past 5 months it has been werid. For two months it switched to starting on the 12 lasting only 3 days and I had awful unable to sleep cramping. Last month it started on the 7 and strangely I had weak cramps, and no heavy flow but it lasted like 8 days. Today I have mild cramps like I'm about to start my period. I'm so confused. Can someone help me? And I don't have money to see a doctor.

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  • money for a doctor? Sorry are you not in the UK?

  • No, but I am reaching out to as much help as I can get cause this is starting to worry me.

  • Hi There,

    If you are worried about pregnancy, you would need to take a pregnancy test. If it's negative and you haven't had sex within last 3 weeks, then it will be accurate. Are you able to get and do a self-taken sexually transmitted infection (chlamydia) test? That would rule out an infection causing breakthrough bleeding. Stress and worry can affect menstrual cycles, so sometimes the more you worry the more irregular they become. Rule out pregnancy and infection, and if you continue to worry at least you could tell the doctor what you have already checked.

    Best Wishes


  • Um no I don't have an STD infection, don't even have any of the symptoms. My husband and I are pretty clean about that. I just am having a weird period. If it doesn't come this week or the next I'll take a pregnancy test. Thanks for the help.

  • Hi There,

    Most doctors and nurses like to rule out STI's first (which is why I suggested that as a first option), then they will explore the break through bleeding, as it can be a sign of other illnesses that would be good to get checked out to ensure you are ok. I hope you get sorted.

    Best Wishes


  • If it persists I would seek a medical opinion. It probably is nothing, but it could be symptoms of cysts on your ovaries or endometriosis (my mother had both) or a number of other things. I reiterate it may be nothing, but rather safe than sorry. I know that you say that you can't afford to see a doctor, but if it is something then you will not be doing yourself or your husband any favours by ignoring it. Hope it is nothing serious though xx

  • Thanks so much. I'll see what I can do to get an appointment so how.

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