9 days late...negative tests...anyone in same boat??

When I started taking the pill the middle of last year, it really messed my periods up. I came off of the pill 2 months ago as my boyfriend and I decided that we would like to try for a baby. We have been actively trying for the 2 months. I had my last period on 23rd January and I am now 9 days late. I have ulcers in my mouth, my skin is much worse than normal (spots on my back, lower face and neck) I have been having cramps on and off for like 5 mins each day but nothing too painful, I am really tired recently but then again works busy. There is no sign of my period coming - boobs aren't painful and back seems ok. I have taken tests and 4 were negative, 1 had a very very very faint line, you had to really look to see it but after you did it was quite obvious (now thinking it was an evap line). Have taken 2 more tests since then and negative. I am not sure what to think? My period was sometimes late before but this is the latest it has been. I am not going to do anymore tests and if I still haven't come on in a week I'll try again. Don't want to keep getting disappointed. Anyone else in the same boat? I feel like pregnancy has consumed my mind and I am addicted to taking pregnancy tests! My boyfriend thinks I am nuts ha

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  • None of the tests I did at home showed up positive for me. I went to the doctors on the 17/08/16 as I had missed my period and was having really bad abdominal pains (was unsure whether they were related) - he insisted I wasn't pregnant and sent me off with some codeine. Codeine didn't touch the pain and by the 20th I was in absolute agony and couldn't cope - NHS 111 suggested that I went to A&E there and then. It was there they told me I was 5 weeks pregnant. So it can happen! I'm now 31 weeks and baby is well. I'd repeat your test in a week and if still negative and no period definitely make a doctors appointment!! Xx

  • Oh wow! How late were you when you had taken the negative tests? I cant believe the doctors didn't pick it up either! Sorry to hear you were in such pain but congratulations :) Yes I think that's what I will do (that's if I don't come on before then). Its all I can think about - its crazy! Fingers crossed. Thank you! xx

  • Can't remember exactly how late I was but it must have been a few weeks!! And honestly it drives you mental thinking am I? Could I be?😂 Hopefully you have a positive result soon xxx

  • I took another text last night because I clearly cannot wait haha! Negative though...it was a clear blue digital one too. So frustrating! 11 days late today. Will def book doctors on Monday if there is still no sign x

  • It is really frustrating!! Is your period usually very regular?? Xx

  • It used to be until I started the pill but even then I would only be 2/3/4 days late or even days early. This is a long time for me and still no sign of period. Fingers crossed xx

  • Sounds hopeful then!!! Really hope you get the result you want, be sure to update us!! Xx

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