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Blood in pregnancy? Question


Hi y'all, I hope you are all well and save, I just worry about my pregnancy, I am currently at my 9 weeks, I get some spotting for the last week but was brown color which I read it's normal but I have this all week a little bit of this, but today I have more and not brown now is red, i also have sex with my partner yesterday, should I be worry and call doctor or is normal and you had experience something like that? Thank you for all responses.

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You could call your midwife and see if they'll see you at the early pregnancy unit, they can tell if it's anything to worry about.

You can call 111 if you are in the U.K. as well. There are nurses and doctors who will be able to advise.

Generally it would be a concern if the bleeding was heavy, if or if you had abdominal/side pain.

Sex can cause harmless irritation sometimes too

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