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97th Centile, Big Baby


I seem to be measuring ahead, at 35+4 I was 39 then 36+1 I was 40. I'm sat above 97th Centile and I am starting to get a bit of a panic on.

I have the midwife on Friday, what is the normal procedure if I'm still measuring way ahead?

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I was so worried too as my bump was measuring way ahead - way above the line but I had a growth scan on Tuesday and the baby’s weight is actually only on the 50th percentile. Guess the bump measurements can be wrong.

Was trying to get my chart in to show u but not sure how to upload a pic on the mobile version of healthunlocked

Thanks for getting back to me. Oh that's interesting, I'm going to push for a growth scan otherwise I'm going to be a nervous wreck. How far gone are you x

I wouldn't worry too much. Especially if the midwife is measuring your belly with tape. Tape is notoriously unreliable. My friend who is tall and skinny was told her baby was very small by her measurements and he was 10lb and friends who was told to expect a big baby had a 7lb baby. They're just an estimate and each midwife might get a different length depending on how they measure.and your own shape and belly shape. Also 97th percentile isn't outside of the normal range of weights, all it means is that only 3 babies out of a hundred would be bigger. It's a range of a normal scale rather than being unusually large or unusual small. If your midwife was concerned that you were too big for your due date she would normally refer you for extra scans to have you checked out in case it was due to excess fluid etc that you were measuring big. Even growth scans aren't that accurate, I had extra scans because of gestational diabetes and they were saying my baby was about 7lb at 38weeks and when she was born at 39+6 she was 6lb 1 tiny wee thing. Good luck

Nik9285 in reply to Seb9

It's always nice to hear the flip side. 2 different midwives have measured me at different times and both got large readings but I think I'm overthinking it. I just need to wait and see what they say tomorrow. Thank you for getting back to me

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