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Ectopic pregnancy

Hi everyone.Its been horrified experience for me because I've never had any health problems and sudden sharp pain at 5am 11th of May I had no choice but to ring emergency ambulance.And being pregnant at almost 14 weeks as my midwife predicated she made all appointments necessary and my baby's first scan the week after which supposed to be on 14th of May which never happened because of my ectopic miscarriage 💔And I had a 2 surgeries because everything started to bleed again and I bearly make it doctors said.Why scans in UK are not provided to pregnant women in 1-2 week of their pregnancy?I nearly lost my life and now having a very hard recovery afterwards.It would save many women from this situation if scans would be introduced in hospitals earlier for pregnant women.

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Sorry to hear about your horrendous experience, and sorry for your loss. 1-2 weeks after conception would be too early to see anything, but I thought they did normally offer scans at around the 8-10 week mark :(


Hi there, sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal. It must be hard to already deal with the loss after 14weeks pregnancy and on top of that the recurrent bleeding affected you pretty bad. Hugs for you for being through all these! while I agree that the scans should be done earlier but like the PP said the 1-2 week after conception is definitely too early. It is usually 6-8 weeks in US and private clinics, which is mid-way to first trimester and well in time to deal with any odds. I know ectopic pregnancy sometimes wrecks deep.... have to have a tube removal or hysterectomy. If you don't mind me asking... did the surgeries affect your fertility in anyway... like did the doc mentioned to exprect any complications or like you'll be having trouble with natural TTC from now on?


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