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Positive pregnancy test a week after laparoscopy. Will it be okay?

Hi I've been ttc for my second child for just over 2 and half years. I had a laparoscopy just under 2 weeks ago where they did a pregnancy test beforehand that was negative. I would have only been about 3 and a half weeks pregnant. Now a week and a half later I've had 3 positive pregnancy tests. My question is it was so early will the procedure or the anaesthetic have harmed the pregnancy?

I'm going to call my doctors tomorow but I'm so scared as I've been trying for so long I don't want anything bad to happen.

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What did the doctor say? Considering you've already talked to the doctor as you mentioned to do it when you posted and it's been 4 days I hope you have some comforting update. Congratulations... it's rightly said that it just happens to you when you least expect it! # pregnancy test being BFPs there's not much reason to doubt about your pregnancy at least. Don't be bogged down by the possibility of odds just yet. One and a half week though seems early I think there might not be any reason to really interfere with your pregnancy or pose any threat to the pregnancy. I don't recollect reading anywhere that the anaesthesia could counteract pregnancy or not usually. The procedure might though or might not... I don't know. I'll hope it doesn't really and you get a healthy gestation all the while.


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