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Is it possible that midwife overlooked a tear?

Had DS 11 days ago and on day 8 started to feel itchy and when I gave a look I saw (what’s look like to me) a tear. I also was stinging when passing urine, feeling painful when sitting or walking.

Also I had a tear on labia minor close to the clitoris. Midwife did some stiches but they are all loose and the wound open, not healing together (yeah now my labia minor is two pieces, separate from clitoris). And the stiches supposed to dissolve, but that’s not happening. I can easily see them as a long thread.

And last but bot least I had vulval varicose veins and was really sore before the birth so this would explain why midwife didn’t saw the tear.

Really hope I can find help. I am on holidays and worried if I need to go to doctor now or if I can wait till get home (on Sunday).

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You definately need to get to the doctors as it doesn't sound like your midwife did much of a good job! I'd get them to check and make sure the tear hasn't been missed and also take a look.at the one she did stitch as it sou ds to me that that may need doing again. Good luck x


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