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Implantation bleeding?

I'm really confused about early signs of pregnancy and implantation bleeding. Can some one help me please. 

Sorry for all the details but I had sex on 6th April. 

I was due on my period on the 19th (13 days later) no sign. 

2 days later, 21st April (15 days after having sex)I had light spotting, really light pink, when wiping too. I had this for 4 days and now today nothing. 

I took a test yesterday morning, which was negative.  

Could this have been implantation bleeding or is it too late? 

If it is implantation bleeding when is best to take another test? 

Iknow everyone is different, but some advise or other people's stories would help. 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi there

You may have tested too early as a pregnancy test is accurate 3 weeks after unprotected sex, and the bleed could well have been a lighter period. I would wait a week after last test (I know waiting is hard), repeat the test, if still negative and you have no period it may be worth discussing it with your GP.

Best wishes



Thank you very much for the advice :) 

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Hey Melaniee ,

were you pregnant??


Click on her name and you can read all her posts. I looked up and no, she was not, as the next post she posted was half a year later and still not pregnant :(

I really hope she's now!x

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Thank you very much :)


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