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Slow labour?

So I'm 36 weeks and 6 days with my 3rd. I lost a chunk of my plug on Wednesday morning and have been up all night with mild low down contractions above pubic bone that spread around.to my back a little.

They started at half past 3 am haven't shifted since even though I've cleaned the house drank a load and managed to get an hour's sleep.

My mother and grandmother in law reckon I'm in slow labour. Waters haven't gone yet but up till I napped contractions were lasting 30 secs every few minutes but not getting any stronger or longer lasting.

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Also been sick and have horrendous heartburn which is driving me insane. Constant pressure on pubic bone making me constantly at the loo even if I don't really need to pee. Babies definately shifted lower as well.


UPDATE . So been having regular conaistanr but short contractions for so long then dying then picking up again hours and hours later. And yet still no water breaking or anything to indicate they are doing anything. Don't see midwife for nearly a week now going a little crazy as it's stopping me sleeping


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