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Possible early labour

Hi there im 36 +2. Ive been exhausted since yesterday, had constant achey lower back and period like cramping as well as Diarrhea and headache. I feel constantly damp down below but not losing any chunks of plug though last week i did lose jelly like discharge on a few days and infection was ruled out. I dont remember any of this with my first as he is nearly seven.

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Hello Darling!

I hope the pains etc had gone away and you're feeling much better!

Hang on a bit and soon you'll meet your brand new baby! :)



Yeah they died off he's since then dropped lower an is putting an insane amount of pressure on my pelvis, I dont think I'll have long to wait but im now classed as full term so, not too worried

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Glad to know you're feeling better!

Well done!

Hope that baby will come soon and delivery will be easy and quick!x


Lost my plug friday night and my mum used to be a midwife so.had a feel on sat and said she could only feel hos shoulders above pelvice bone she thinks ig he got any lower hed be on the exit lol so hopefully we shall see him very soon

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Hi There,

Hope all is ok now, but if you continue to worry, contact your midwife so they can check you over to see if labour is imminent. Good luck, hope all goes well.

Best Wishes



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