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Experiences please


Alright so i know most people have no medical training but im just curious as to others experiences.

I wasn't worried when they told me they wanted me on growth scans this pregnancy had them with my last anyway and second ds was born at 40 +2 weighing 7lb 13. but had a scan yesterday at 28 +1 and have been told by my consultant that baby is only just showing on the tenth percentile which is rather low. She had booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks and then another one and appointment with her in 4 week. She has said she is concerned over whether baby will track along that tenth percentile curve or drop below it. I also have been feeling shocking with constant headaches and tiredness as well as severe sickness which im medicated for. I tested positive for ++ protein in my urine yesterday as well which is unusual for me.

Has anyone else had similar experiences good or bad. If baby was tracking as not putting weight on as they'd like what did they do about it.

Thanks in advance xxxx

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if you no it why see doctor my daughter top nurse

Sorry I don't understand what you mean.

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