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I’ve been wondering this for a while and wondered if you guys could help

I’m registered go give birth in Hospital A but I don’t want to give birth there. I was pressured by my midwife to go to that one but I’ve had one in mind since the start and I want to give birth in my preferred hospital (which is B)

I know if it’s progressing QUICK, hospital B will have to accept me there. But if I have to be induced or I’m progressing slowly then will hospital B still let me stay there?

I know you can have hospital transfers etc but I really don’t want to go to Hospital A


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Can you not just tell them you've changed your mind and you want to go to b. We have a right to choose and so long as your not about to give birth I'm sure they can accommodate this change, people move houses all the time while pregnant which means changing hospital.. A midwife shouldn't pressure you they give you a choice and that's our decision too make. Tell them you want to change.


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Thank you for replying. Yeah that’s true, only thing is I’m not seeing the midwife until after my due date (which is Saturday) In case I need inducing and I don’t have her number??? She’s not entirely organised (but she’s still a very good midwife) 😅


Why don't you try ring hospital b and ask if you can go there. You've got your notes see what they say. Give them a, reason why you don't want to go to A, you should have said something sooner so your anxiety about the hospital wasn't playing on your mind now. 💗🤗😘

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Are hospital A and hospital B different trusts? Or are they the same trust with one being a midwife led unit and the other a consultant led unit? What is the midwife's reasoning for recommending a specific unit?

You absolutely get a choice of your place of birth, however, where a woman has a complication or deviation from normality a midwife team will make recommendations which are in the best interests of the expectant mother and baby.


I believe they are different trusts and they’re different units. And the midwife said that the hospital that she’s made me go for is just the generic one for women around here to use. I’m a very anxious person when it comes to calling people etc but I’ll have to give hospital B a call and see what they say


Do you know which trust the midwife works for? Is she suggesting the midwife led one because it is her trust?

If you want the security of a consultant led unit then that is absolutely your choice and you can not be forced into a midwife led unit. Taking your choice away may cause you increased anxiety which can decrease the required hormones for labour and lead to a prolonged and difficult birth. I'd advise that you contact the hospital you want to go to for advice and to find out the process of going there. I'm assuming they'll have their own contact telephone numbers which you will require.

Have you read the Birthplace study? It's an interesting read and made be quoted during the conversations to come. It might be worth having a look at it beforehand to empower yourself and for you to be able to reply to any statements your midwife might give you.

Let us know how it goes, take care.


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