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The pill

Hi all.

I’m currently on my seventh day of taking Yasmin however I experience the nausea symptom really bad so I’m wanting to change my pill to taking it in the evening before I go to sleep as opposed to when I first wake up in the morning however confused on the cross over as there is only a 12 hour window and I would like to be protected?

So do I take my pill tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night? or just take my pill tomorrow night exceeding the 12 hour window?

Thankyou all in advance :)

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Just to be safe id take it in the morning and again in the evening at least then you are definately covered. If you still experience the sickness afterwards go back to the GP and they may be able to recommend something else

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Hi, thankyou for your reply. I didn’t take it at all on the Tuesday but took 2 on Wednesday and treated it like a missing pill. I took 7 normal days and then had sex with my boyfriend in which we used a condom or he didn’t ejaculate inside of me so I should be covered right?


You should be covered however just be careful as the pre cum fluid contains sperm so just because he doesn't ejaculate in you doesn't always mean you will be ok. Don't want to scare u but thought I'd just say x


No I know about that! but I’m hoping the pill can protect against pre cum!


Lol! It will as long as u take it regular and don't miss any xxx


Exactly which is what I did :). I feel confident I’m protected. But if not I can always take a pregnancy test


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