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I stopped taking my mini pill on the 28th August as we're trying again for a baby after our wedding, there is still no sign of my period, didn't have one at all on the pill. Last Sunday had blood spot and clear discharge but that was it, been having a few symptoms of pregnancy like heart burn and a nausea feeling so did a test on Friday 12th September which was negative, still got the symptoms but still no sign of period even though have cramping feeling. Any ideas on when it could arrive as previously when stopped it usually comes straight away?

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  • Hi there,

    It might be that you tested too early. Is your period late? There is some information on the NHS website here about pregnant tests and timing that might be helpful:

    If your period hasn’t arrived by the end of the month then retest as it should be more accurate. If the result is negative but your period still hasn’t arrived, it might be worth popping down to your GP or local contraceptive / sexual health clinic to have a chat about your dates.

    I hope that helps. Do let me know if you have any other queries.

    Best wishes,


  • I'm not sure if I'm late as never had a bleed on the mini pill, previously when I was on the mini pill and forgot a pill or came off I'd bleed very quickly but not sure if things have changed since having my son 3 years ago.

    Think I'll wait and maybe call my doctor if it doesn't appear in the next couple of days as Thursday will be 3 weeks.

    Thanks for your help though, any help is great fully received.

  • Yes, it might be best to speak to your GP then. Best of luck with you appointment. Let me know if you have any other questions we might be able to help with.

    Best wishes,


  • Well left feeling slightly silly, he suggests this is normal and if still nothing by next week test again. So guess still waiting.


  • Hi hun, try not to feel silly... waiting can be really difficult, I know I found it extremely hard and so did my girlfriends. I had to find lots of things to do to distract me from my thoughts as they could take over a little. I really hope you find out soon. X

  • Hi there,

    Take care of yourself. When I was at Brooklyn, my friend also faced this condition and then she take the help of doula that I have suggest through

    And here, you can easily know everything that you need at NHS website about the pregnancy tests.

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