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Munalea 150/30 to 150/20 micrograms?

Hi, I've been on Munalea 150/30 microgram for the past year and recently changed GP who perscribed me Munalea 150/20 microgram. The two are practically the same except for the difference between the micrograms of the ethinylestradiol. Do I just continue as normal or do I treat it as starting a new contraceptive and use extra protection for the first 7 days of starting the 150/20 packet?

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When I was on the pill, i would probably have used protection just to be safe. With the difference of 20 and 30, you never know if it will take your body time to adjust to even the slightest change. I would say use a condom just for the week and then get back to normal! Just in case 😄


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