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Any comments will help please ! X

I had the copper coil fitted on the 20th of December, so about 8 months ago.. I've had polycystic ovaries but then I had my daughter and my ovaries where fine.. For the past month I've been bleeding constantly and having pain right near my pubic bone on the left of my stomach.. I went docs yesterday and saw a nurse who took swabs, saying she doesn't know but could be an infection in the cervix? I'm also feeling sick and tired all the time (I don't feel pregnant) .. She said if these come back ok she'll send me for a scan, I'm thinking cyst but the nurse didn't seem to know what was going on? .. I'm having bloody discharge too and get shooting pains going into my pelvic area.. When I had a torsion cyst I didn't really get any of these symptoms so am kind of worried.. Any body have any ideas? TIA xx

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Forgot to mention sex is painful also .. Sorry for all the detail lol x


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