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10 weeks pregnant, scared about the scan!

hi ladies,

i'm 10 weeks with my first and obviously people are now finding out i'm pregnant but i'm so scared i'm going to go to the scan and it wont be real or something.

what if i go there and it isnt, the tests where positive i get that and i have so many symptoms, all ways sick, the heaviest most painful breasts, stretch marks are starting the midwife appointment went all fine and i suppose if something had come up in my bloods they would have called right? i'm just so worried that i will have my scan and they will turn round and say its not real.

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Don't worry, I bet nearly all of us felt the same way!

After my 12 week scan it felt a bit more real - as I saw my little boy wriggling about and had photos to look at, but still, could not believe I am pregnant until I started feeling movements and kicks!

Congratulations and I hope you'll be as excited as I was when I first saw my champ!x


i was the same and im on my 3rd child as long as no bleeding there will be ur little baby


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