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Best way to get pregnant

Hi all,

I've been off the pill for 2 yr's now and only a yr down the line my periods finally became regular now as a teenager I did abuse my body with morning after pills so I'm not sure If that has anything to do with it. What is the best way to try for a baby as maybe were doing it wrong? I am thinking about going to the GPS for test's but Id like more advice of when to do it, best things to eat blah blah


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Think you could start with figuring out your ovulation day and try before and during that date (as sperm can survive in your body for few days if the "climate" is good!

I knew my exact ovulation day by looking for the egg white (see through and slimy and it's quite a bit on that day) discharge: for me it was exactly 14 days after my last periods first day (it can very vary for women: some say they ovulate as soon as few days after period some much later)

Stay healthy, eat healthy, exercise have some fun and good luck!

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I wouldn't wait to see your doctor, I was trying for a year and a half before I went to the doctors, who referred me to a fertility clinic and I found out I had PCOS, they gave me metformin and clomid and I was pregnant within 5 months, I now have a happy healthy 4 month old baby boy :) my periods were very irregular so it was impossible to tell when I was ovulating, I actually had a scan and a saw my egg about to erupt out of my ovary, and a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.


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