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Had my period but got all the symptoms

Hi there ! I've had my period the last few months but it had been lighter and longer than usual. My breasts are so sore and have grown a lot. My lower tummy is larger than is has been but I've not put on any weight. I need a wee every 20 mins on the dot . My mood has been slightly more difficult to handle ( according to my boyfriend). I got the implant in my arm in November and all has been fine since then ...

am I pregnant ? Please tell me there's some sort of condition or illness that I can go to the doctors and cure !

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Hi there.

It's rather unlikely that you're pregnant if you're having periods. With the implant some people's periods tend to stop altogether but mine never did. They'd last for three weeks and when I wasn't on I was spotting. I had it for a year and a half before I'd had enough of it.

I think what it may be is perhaps the implant causing a hormone imbalance. I know you've said it's been fine for the first six months but this could just be a delay to your body reacting to the implant. Doctors say it can take up to almost a year before your body acts normal and everyone responds to it differently. I knew someone who never had any trouble with hers yet I struggled from the moment I had mine in.

Chat to your doctor about it and see what they say. The implant is a very effective method of birth control and it's rare for a woman to get pregnant whilst having it but not impossible.

Good luck and hope this helps


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