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Is there a baby??

I am convinced I am 13 weeks pregnant but can't get a positive result I have been to my doctor and she done a blood test 6 weeks ago and still negative so I went back to a different doctor and demanded a scan so just waiting for my scan date but has this happened to anyone before I really don't know what is going on with me and it frustrating as I have all the symptoms and feelings and that so don't know y I keep getting negative results has anyone had a false ultrasound and there was no baby???

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You mayne having a false Pregnancy it is we're your body produces the symptoms of being pregnant. ( tender breasts, enlarged stomach, butterfly feeling, producing milk etc but your not actually pregnant).

I'd go to your scan too make sure.

And if it is that talk to your doctor, and a counsellor.

I hope everything is okay for you and at least a scan would put your mind at ease.


Yeah only time will tell thanks


Your very welcome hunni, I know what it feels like to think your not being listened too.

If you want still see a counsellor sometimes talking to somebody about your everyday life can be a major help and just keep your perspective level.


Yeah I am just going to see what happens as I know my own body and haven't had a period for 4 months now so something is going on but will keep you posted thanks for the reply

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