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3rd implant or?

I'm nearly 22 and due to get my second implant out next month. I haven't had any sign of a period since before I got my first implant nearly 6 years ago.

I know I'm not wanting to get pregnant within the next three years so another implant would be ideal, however, I'm worried about my periods. Is my case normal? Nothing in 6 years?

Also, if it is safe/okay for me to get my third one, once I get that one out, would I face any problems/difficulties getting pregnant then? Should I consider a different form of contraception?

Sorry if these seem like silly or stupid questions.

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Hi There,

These are not silly questions at all! It sounds like the implant works really well for you, so a 3rd one is a good option. It is not a problem not having periods, as the implant keeps the lining of the womb very thin (so nothing to come away), and it prevents ovulation, but fertility returns quickly when removed. If you wanted it removed within the next three years that would also not be a problem, but I would chat all these things through with the nurses when you arrange your appointment.

Best Wishes


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