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I am a week late on my period now and believe i am getting pregnancy syptoms, have had slight nauseous feelings, extremely tired all the time and headaches. Done 2 tests, 1 four days ago and 1 yesterday, both negative. I started taking fluoxetine a couple of weeks ago so im in limbo as to whether im pregnant or is the fluoxetine affecting my periods. Dont know what to do! Help please!

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Hello, not sure what it is that you're experiencing. I want to say it's possible side effects from the fluoxetine but certainly not the late period though.

I've been on fluoxetine myself and never did I have a late period from it. I know it can cause side effects that you've described. But I'm quite positive that it wouldn't affect your periods.

I'm thinking perhaps you have a hormone imbalance? I'm going to assume you may be stressed at the moment (hence being put on fluoxetine) which can cause hormone imbalance and mess with your cycle. Best thing to do is to see your doctor about it and they can advise you and perhaps do some tests.

Good luck and hope the fluoxetine helps :)


Hi There,

It sounds like the pregnancy tests are accurate. I would return and see the person who prescribed the Fluoxetine as it could be side effects from the new tablets. Book an appointment chat through your symptoms and if necessary they can repeat the pregnancy test again.

Best Wishes



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