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confused....need advice....sorry TMI

hi all,

hubby and myself are TTC, my cycles are 35-39 days. AF last came 13th June and should have appeared again 18th July.

as it stands I am now 8 days late, 2 bfn first response tests(3 days and 6 days after af due), have slimy/watery cm, tiredness/feeling ill, achy left breast(right had nothing), the odd dull ache in my pelvis from time to time.

I'm now at a loss as to what i should do and really could do with some advice....


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Hi there

If your period is late and the pregnancy tests you've taken are negative I would suggest booking an appointment with your GP so that they can run some tests. That way you will have a better understanding of what is going on.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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My health board refuses to do blood's until we have gone 3 consecutive months without a period, just frustrating now at 22 days late now hoping my august period shows


Hi I myself was late and missed my period for June! I only just stated this week. Because I am having fertility treatment my doctors ran some blood tests. Still don't know what i was late!

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I'd leave it a bit longer b4 testing again, your hcg might be too low to detect. If no AF after about 14 days and still bfn, get your gp to run a beta blood test. I've been pg twice and got bfns both times, had to have betas to confirm pg.

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Hi, been in contact with my GP and still on a wait and see with them. I am now 22 days late and still no AF and still getting bfn just getting frustrating now that I am still in limbo :(


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