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Can't get a positive result

i think im 9 weeks pregnant but keep getting negative tests and blood was negative 3 weeks ago aswell I have all the symptoms and feelings and that I have been pregnant before so know the symptoms but I was 11 weeks when I found out lasttime but have been feeling like this a few months but all tests I have took have been negative has this happened to anyone else and they eventually got a positive result because this is confusing me because I know there is definitely something going on in my stomach tia x

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Hi There,

You really need to go and see your GP as they are the ones who can refer you for accurate blood tests and/or a scan. Pregnancy hormones peak in your wee in the very early weeks, so should've shown up positive by now if you were. I would book to see your GP and take it from there, as they are best placed to discuss your symptoms and decide where to go next.

Best Wishes



I have done that and they are sending me for a scan so hopefully I will find out what's happening in my stomach hanks for the reply


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