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No period since October 7th

Hi, just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Basically I had my last period at the end of September. My period ended on the 7th October, I went away on holiday on the 9th October and arrived back in the uk on the 21st October. In the middle of November I was suffering from severe pains in my stomach so I went to the out of hours told my doctor everything that was happening. When he felt my stomach he thought it had something to do with my ovaries, in which he refaired me for a scan. He explained to me the process of what would happen and made sure that I knew that if the pain got any worse before the scan that I either go straight back or go to A&E. 3 days later the pain didn't seem to go any better what so ever, in fact it seemed to go a lot worse. So after what the doctor had told me I went straight to A&E, baring in mind I could hardly walk and couldn't stop crying due to the pain, all the hospital did was put me on a painkiller drip and sent me on my way. When it finally come round to the scan which was on the 29th December the pain was still the same as when I went to the doctors. The woman told me that it does not hurt but can be uncomfortable. With this in mind I prepaired myself for the worst as only I knew exactly what pain I was in. When she insterted the camera to look closer at my overies the pain was unbearable and brought me to tears. The woman carried on with the scan telling me that the pain cant be that bad making me feel like I was a lier. She told me there was a possibility that I could have polycystric overies and that my results would be with my doctor within the week. Due to Christmas and bank holidays I rang the doctors 2 weeks later and the receptionist told me that my scans had come back normal... I still haven't had a period since, whilst on no contraception still trying for a baby with my partner. In the past 2 weeks or so my nipples have become that sore I can not stand them being touched. My breasts themselves have become a lot more sore lately and my partner said to me a couple of nights ago that they seem like they have swollen slightly. I constantly feel like I am going to be sick but nothing comes up. I have heartburn on a daily basis and the only thing that stops it is milk. I am so mentally and physically tired lately that I feel like I need to have naps throughout the day. I cant comcentrate when it comes to having a conversation with people as I just start not even hearing what they are telling me. My stomach constantly feels like something is rolling around. Iv been doing tests up until 28th December and they all come back negative. My partner also turned around to me today when I was getting dressed and told me that my arms look like they've gone bigger. I am so confused and would be grateful for any advice that anyone can offer me.

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I would go back to your doctor as soon as possible and ask for a blood test to look for pregnancy. They are much more accurate than urine tests. Hopefully this will give you a clearer idea of what's happening x


Iv had blood tests done whilst I was at the hospital and they told me that my bloods where normal. Im so confused but thank you. Ill get onto the doctors and try and find out what's going on x


Hi There,

You need to go back to your GP and discuss everything that's been going on and how you feel. They can then plan if you need to back and be seen by gynae, and help work out if your symptoms need more investigation. Hope it goes ok.

Best Wishes



Thank you, im going try and get into the doctors tomorrow before work if I can x


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