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Vomiting streaks of blood

I've had really bad sickness throughout my pregnancy. I'm 14 weeks now and it's still ongoing. I can be sick anything between once and five times a day. I was sick this evening and noticed a small streak of blood in it. I had been wretching quite violently and coughing a lot before hand. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this?

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I have. you need to see your doctor. I was sick for most of my pregnancy im 39 weeks now and have only stopped being sick for a few weeks i needed to be on meds to help me even keep water down. If its bright red blood and only streaks of it, it is likely that its the blood vessels in your throat bursting which isnt particularly dangerous however if you throw up a decent amount of blood (which at one point i did) it could be a rupture of your stomach lining. I was hospitalised twice as i couldnt even keep water down.


It happened with me as well. It occurs because of frequent vomitings the lining of esophagus (food pipe) ruptures.


It's part of your tummy lining were ur being sick so much


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