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I had an abortion 2 weeks ago today, and now i very much regret the choice I made but at the time it was the right one well so i thought.....

anyway i just want to put it out there that woman shoud be given the right information about whats going to happen and not just to be told its like period cramps which is aload of bull. I wasnt given any counselling before hand if that would have been the case i would know for a fact i would still be pregnant today.

woman really need to know whats going to happen them not just part of whats about to come and the aftermath of feeling emptyness...i am lucky that now i am getting support from a counsellor which i seek myself..... the whole process and the treatment i was given wasnt the best even from the nhs quite shocking really.

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hi hun, so sorry to hear all of this. It does seem to be the case that everyone downplays the actual process. you are so right, women need to be well informed for both scenarios (having the baby or not, and both kinds of abortions) so they are making an informed choice. Let me know if you want to chat, you can message me xx


I felt the same way as you after my abortion at the it seemed the idea but as soon as it was done I regreted it but I had a different reason for my abortion


Hi there

I am very sorry to hear your experience. It is very normal to feel all sorts of emotions after an abortion, especially relief. All independent abortion providers in England do provide an aftercare and counselling service, but I don’t know how NHS services operate, but there should be the same facilities in place.

You should contact your abortion provider and tell them how you are feeling and ask for them to arrange some post-abortion counselling for you. We develop policies and procedures in line with the best clinical practice, such as Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists guidance on the care of women requesting an abortion. As part of the process of informed consent, which is legally required for all medical procedures, women are given evidence-based information about abortion so they can make their own decisions. You should also be asked your opinion of how you were treated, and if you don’t feel the treatment was appropriate then you need to tell the NHS provider so they can help you move on.

I hope you get the outcome you seek.

Best wishes



thank you for your kind words, am in scotland, maybe the process is different up here from england, i have seeked myself counselling dealing with woman after abortion, but wasnt given anything off the nhs, all i got told if i had any problems to contact nhs 24 or my doctor and that was i said its only been 2 weeks since the abortion but when i do feel up to it i will be telling them exactly how i was treated and how its made me feel. Since talking with the counselling service this is not the first time they have heard woman that have been mistreated some of there stories is acutally really sad and something really needs to be done regarding the treatment.


Hi I am 16 and I'm scared about having one just read your story how bad was it and what did it feel like cos I'm considering keeping the baby pls get back to me as soon as you can as for my scan next week with the nhs to see how far gone I am and weather getting rid is right or not


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