should I get the morning-after pill?

I had sex earlier and as he pulled out he realised the condom was broken, we're not sure if he came inside me because most went on the bed. I have only just come off my period but im young and my mum doesn't know anything about this. some of my friends have taken the morning after pill before and I know its fairly expensive but the guy I was with is willing to pay half and I can go tomorrow. I know I probably shouldn't risk it but im scared. should I tell my mum that I want to go on the pill so that this doesnt happen again? should I definitely get the morning after pill? what are the risks of getting pregnant?

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  • Hi There,

    It would be best to go down to your local contraceptive clinic or a local walk-in centre asap and chat through what's happened with a nurse, as they can use a pill call ellaOne up to 5 days after a condom splits and it will be free from a clinic. Do try and access help today, as you want to be left feeling scared, and the nurses are always so helpful.

    Best Wishes


  • If you have any CACHE Pharmacies they will offer you the MAP after a consultation free of charge. You can get it free from the age of 16-25 I believe :)

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