Could I be?!

I'm a 15 year old girl, I was due on 3 days ago (which I know isn't that bad but bare with me) I've been diagnosed with Panic Anxiety and getting advice on websites such as this will help settle my nerves.

Me and my ex boyfriend, who broke up with me 2 days ago, quite often had oral/sexual contact but I am still virgin! I know it's very rare that this can happen but I also know it can happen. I know he had pre-cum on his hand when he entered me (I'm trying to not be graphic) and I know that pre-cum is to wash away anything left in the penis before he ejaculates which means there could be sperm there (which is how people have become pregnant before)

He has only ever entered me with the possibility of having pre-cum on his hands once. I have to add I have PTSD from a previous sexual encounter which is why I pay so much attention to what's going on.

I have had a pregnancy scare before, which I know make sure me sound careless but again I have panic anxiety and things like this make my anxiety levels shoot. This is because I so desperately want to be a mother but I know at my age and with all the mental disorders I have (including some which affect my physical health) I would either not be able to care for the baby, the baby could die because I'm not providing enough for it while it develops inside of me, or I would die.

I'm so terrified that I am, I have irregular cycles (30-54 days) and can't have the combined contraceptive pill with the 7 day break because every single one I've been prescribed with has made me extremely ill because of my already very high oestrogen levels. I can usually time roughly when my period will start because I get cramps for 6/5 days leading up to it, but I haven't had that. I know I could be being the most stupid person in the world. However, considering I do have pregnancy tests already should I take one/two just in case and to be sure.

I need to also add that a short time ago I was borderline anorexic and my period did stop for a while and this might be the case again. But I need someone older to tell me because I can't go to my mum about these things.

My symptoms so far - insomnia, weird tastes in my mouth, constant tiredness, headaches, weakness.

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  • It's unlikely that you are but I'd go get pregnancy test dune you can buy them from pound land

  • I very much doubt that you are pregnant, as it's highly unlikely that you'd get pregnant from him using his hands. Saying that I've just had a baby and I had the weird tastes in my mouth, and tender boobs. However I'd say 2 days is way too soon to test as it may not pick it up. They typically say a week or two after a period was due is the best time to take a test.

  • I think that you need to relax, and you have reasons to do that.

    First of all, talk with your GP. Maybe you don't know her or him yet, but i'm sure that could help you much better than the internet.

    On the other hand, think that the posibilities to get pregnant are less than a 25% after a sexual relation with penetration and finishing it. For pregnancy, sperma needs to cross your vagina, reach your uterus and then meet an ovum, wich is very difficult without the energy of an eyaculation. It would be very very very very strange if you got pregnant in that situation.

    Furthermore, your symptoms are anxiety symptoms, and pregnancy test don't work until 2-4 weeks before the relationship, so GET CALMED, and find some way to know yourself better, so that you can find peace to fight all those psycological problems.

    Good luck!

  • Hi There,

    Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. It would be unlikely that you are pregnant, but always much better to get things checked out. Mum's are usually more lovely than you can ever imagine, but if you really can't chat to her do you have a school nurse you could talk to? If not there will be a local contraceptive clinic especially for young people (including under 16's) this is a link to the NHS clinic finder.

    They have lovely nurses there who will be able to chat through your symptoms and dates, and do a pregnancy test with you. That way whatever the outcome you will have some great support and help about what to do next. Stress can disrupt your periods so do access some help. Good luck!

    Best Wishes


  • Hello

    First of all don't feel afraid to post in the forum.. I'm glad you have turned to the forum and us for advice.

    A pregnancy test would show up around a week after a period is late it did with me anyway I only found out last Friday that I'm expecting as I tested on the Monday was negative and was positive on the Friday ..

    You could also attend sexual health clinic they will talk you through the test and will also do you the pregnancy test there and then.. and will also offer you additional support xx

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