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Could I be Pregnant?



I got my period last month around Oct 20th and my husband and I had unprotected sex on Nov 5th. He did ejaculate inside. I am suppose to get my period on the 17th of Nov and the only thing I have felt different is I am feeling a little sick like if i am coming down with a cold and my stomach feels funny. Could i be pregnant ? If so could i take a Home Pregnancy Test already?

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Hi Patti,

Yes, as you had unprotected sex there is a chance you could be pregnant. I understand you must be anxious to find out but while you can get early home pregnancy test kits, for the most effective results you should wait until the first day of your missed period. If you do decide to take an early test and it is negative but your period is late you should retest just in case you got a false negative which can sometimes happen, unfortunately.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Thank you so much, this really helped and i spoke to my GP and he said wait till next week Friday to take the test. Wish me luck

Bpas_1968Administrator in reply to pattimichelle

Best of luck, Patti. Do let me know if there's anything else we can help with.

Yes ok so if i truely am i should be arounf 2 weeks. I feel nausea and dizziness and pee often and tiredness all day long. Should i call my gp to see if i can do a blood test or should i wait till friday?

Hi Patti, if I was you I would try and wait until Friday. I know it's hard to wait when all you want to do is find out now but as your gp said Friday it might be a little too early to test today. x

I took a teat this morning and ot came out negative ill just wait till doctor visit

Ok this morninf i woke up with my period but it feel like i dont have it. No cramps nothing! Could i still be pregnant?

Hi there- what did your gp say on Friday? If you are still worried about being pregnant maybe take another test but you are most likely not pregnant if you are on your period. X

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