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What's next?

Hi. This is honestly more of a rant than anything. One of those days where you have a "can it get any worse" moments.

I've had preeclampsia twice before this pregnancy. Both times my symptoms of headaches and vision disturbances started early on before all main signs of preeclampsia started like high bp and protein etc. This time I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my headaches have started at the same time my BP has started fluctuating and there's protein in my urine. Luckily my blood results are ok so they've diagnosed mild PET. then find out the baby hasn't grown in 2 weeks so I'm already on lists for growth scans but they've brought it forward as the midwives have noticed my bump isn't growing.

I feel stupid I spent the first month of this pregnancy thinking have i got room in my life for another baby or will I love this baby as much as my other two cos this baby wasn't planned I didn't want anymor3 children after my preeclampsia experiences. If I'm honest when I found out I was pregnant I was petrified. For myself abortion has never been an option as I was a young mum with my first and there was no doubt in my mind I'd keep any of my children but this time round I just never imagined a.third child so really wasn't ready to accept it. Obviously I've bonded and I love this baby just as much as the two I have now. I feel her kick and can't imagine my life without her. We also found out she was a twin but the other baby didn't form properly my body absorbed it by my 12 week scan.

I think my hormones are playing games with me lately!!! So emotional!

The doctors don't like keeping me in the loop. Anyone mother reading this will probably understand when I say if I'm having a scan I want to know every outcome and what would happen in that situation. I need to be prepared for what they could say. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this so early on? Did they monitor the growth after the growth scan or do they deliver it they aren't growing... what happens? I feel so lost as I'm normally a mum.on here who replies to others and share my experiences of preeclampsia and bleeding and genuine crappy pregnancies to help others.. I feel so weird being in the position of asking for others input in my story.

I'd appreciate anyone who can shine on am light on what the outcomes of this could be with the scan and her not growing. My other two were perfect weights.

My first born 38weeks induced 8lb 6oz

My second born 37weeks induced 7lb 8oz

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Hello 😊

My friend had pre eclampsia with both of her pregnancies, mildly at first, and was put forward for growth scans As she had a very small bump for her gestational stage. Think at 34 she was meAsuring 29 or around that mark.

Growth scans were showing slowed growth but placenta was functioning which is what they were most concerned with. She ended up on BP meds and had to self monitor at home,

Think her scans were every 4 weeks until she got yo about 34 weeks when she moved from mild,/ threatened to actual pre, and eventually eclampsia.

They increased scans to every week then At 36 weeks they started her on steroids and bed rest to speed up lung maturation and they delivered her that same week after making a decision based on stress of the baby / risk to mother.

Whilst on the small side, about 4lb he was breathing on his own and now he's a normal happy 7 year old 😊

I don't know if this helps it's just a genuine experience that turned out well 😊

I'm on my 3rd pregnancy right now and I've been asking myself the same questions as this was a real surprise after almost 6 years ttc with failed assisted fertility. I guess I never thought it would happen and now im 34 weeks and 36yrs old I was asking the same how I will fit it in and juggle life and my two jobs, money etc, -it's normal Hun 🙂

We all want our babies to be healthy, when I found out I even turned down all the screening I had with my first two as I'm willing to take the hand I've been dealt, some of my friends have been like oooh what if it's downs etc -let if be what it will be, I already love this baby and I don't care what extra help he needs if any. He's my boy ❤️

I hope everything works out for you. 🍀🙏



They upped my growth scans cos my bump wasnt growing as it should but im 30 weeks and 3 and baby is actually on perfect track for weight. dont take fundal height measuremenrs to heart different staff het different measurements.


Hi There,

I would talk to your midwife and voice the concerns you have. She will then be able to explain what and why they want to test, and ask the scan staff to explain everything, so you know exactly what is going on. As if you feel informed you can better manage what is happening. Try to relax and rest as much as you can (with other children to care for!), and ask as many questions as you need to, of the healthcare professionals that care for you. I hope all goes well.

Best Wishes



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