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need advice

hi there peeps I am 33, have pcos and diabetes type 2. I have been trying for a baby for years now. I have noticed something strange this month, I was predicted to ovulate about the 4th oct, but I seem to have come on a week early I've got terrible cramps, which I do don't normally get, not sure what's happening. guessing there no chance of pregnancy. ive read you can get cramps and bleeding when implantation happens

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Sorry to hear this. I also have pcos, which has been the Bain of my life for 11years now. When I had tests done, I was told that I wasn't ovulating at all so the chances of me getting pregnant would be pretty low. But when I did have a period (they were few and far between), I was always in agony with them. In previous relationship we were trying for a baby and even went down the medical assistance route to no avail.

However, this year, I had a lifestyle change. Going to the gym 6 days a week and doing a lot of walking. Plus eating right.... low and behold, I fell pregnant. I'm now 21 weeks.

Miracles do happen. I'm sure your day of great news will come. Stay positive and keep your chin up. However, you are right. Some people actually feel when they conceive and have a bit of blood and cramps. It's worth checking out.

All the best xx


Hey, the symptoms your having knowing you've got PCOS is very accurate, The infertility rate with polycystic ovaries is very high, women usually will have difficulty getting pregnant, unless there is a change to your weight of some kind.

Cyst on your ovaries will eventually go after your weight has improved, maybe asking you doctor for abdomen scan would be your best bet as your doctor can see how your cyst are getting along.

Majority of women who have PCOS can get pregnant, it just takes them a little longer.


hi i do have weight problems too, I'm quite big. I have quite classic symptoms of pcos, hair, weight, cysts. had scan when I was 17.


Hi there

A pregnancy test would be accurate 3 weeks after last sex or when a period is late, lighter or shorter than usual. Your health conditions, just mean it may be more tricky to become pregnant, but not impossible. If it was negative, wait a few days and repeat or if your symptoms persist talk to your GP or your diabetic doctor. Good luck.

Best wishes



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