Cramping with pink spotting

Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant and two days

Last night I noticed about an inch of pink spotting in my knickers before I went to bed with this I had some adult abdominal cramping which I still have this morning,

I have not noticed any more bleeding or Pinterest discharge since but still have period like pains.

I am very worried about this is this normal at 14 weeks?

Thanks x

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  • cramping is normal in all stages of pregnancy, but there is a difference between the womb stretching and pulling to cause the discomfort and there be something wrong, all depends on how severe the pain is and if it is constant or comes and goes, I wouldn't worry about the blood if your not experiencing a heavy loss and it was only the one spot, if you are concerned get in contact with your midwife, but everything is probably fine

  • Thank you you have reassured me a lot,

    The midwife got me an appointment at epu to be seen On Monday just to be safe.

    The pain does feel like muscles are stretching and pulling it's not pleasant but it is tolerable

    Thanls xx

  • good, glad I could help, good luck for Monday but im sure everything is fine, just your body changing for baby

  • Hi there

    If the pain is unmanageable then you should talk to your midwife or GP. Mild cramps are usual in pregnancy but severe pain should be checked out.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes


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