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16 weeks pregnant today

Hi I have my 16 week check at the hospital toddy. I'm seeing a consulting as I have a thyroid proble ( although it's under control and I'm on the lowest Dose of tablet)

I just wanted to know, what happens in this appointment? Will they listen to baby's heartbeat ?

I had a scan at 6 weeks , 12 weeks and nxt scans in 4 weeks.

Just wondered ring what today's appointment will be about really .

Also I've put on 11 pounds in 4 months so I'm sure they will say something about that 😏.

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Hi, if your appointment is like ours it will be over very quickly! They took a wee sample, blood pressure and then we had a meeting with the consultant. A midwife did listen to the heart beat which was just wonderful ❤️

It is just to check everything is going to plan and answer any questions you may have. You will then get booked in for your 20 week scan. Good luck xx

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16 week check is pretty quick, they do blood pressure, urine sample, listen to heatbeat and that's about it, good luck


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