Miscarriage no risk assessment

When I was pregnant I notified my manager asking him to do a risk assessment as I was always on heavy duty.He forgot then I phoned him again reminding him that I needed a risk assessment the he said to me the risk assessment is there at the client's house as I used to do community work.All of a sudden I said to him no I need mine cause am pregnant then he apologised saying sorry I completely forgot.Weeks after that that's when I had miscarriage and I took the case to ACAS because I was entitled to compensation but he denied the second phone call and said he only remember the first call.Now the case has reached to a point were my solicitor is going to take employment tribunal.Do you think am going to win since he said yes he was aware that I was pregnant but he is saying I didn't put it in writing.Please help me ladies.

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  • I have observed a tribunal since I have an HR background. All of us in the public gallery thought the judge would rule one way, when in fact he ruled another. None of us can give you a definite answer but make sure you have evidence of the dates and times that you phoned eg a phone bill in your evidence bundle, which will help your case x

  • Thank you so much am gonna request a phone bill and I never thought of that.Xx

  • Hi there

    I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. If you haven't already it might be a good idea to call Maternity Action on their advice line, they deal with enquires like this a lot: 0845 600 85 33

    I hope this helps and sorry to hear you're having such an awful time with your manager.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Katherine thanks so much for the help l have contacted Maternity Action today and they told me that the fact that the company knew that l was pregnant they were suppose to carry out a risk assessment, the women said those are some of the questions that the judge is gonna ask them.Thanks

  • Hi there

    I am so pleased that you called Maternity Action and they were helpful and prepared you for the types of questions the judge will ask.

    Good luck, I hope it goes okay.

    Best wishes


  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear this. It's awful news, hope you're ok.

    Usually if you speak to your network provider, they have a recorded conversation on file. Or so I've heard anyway. Speak with them and see if they can help you with this matter

    Hope it all works out for you xx

  • Hi I have phoned my network provider but they said they can't provide recorded conversation.Thanks for the advice I really appreciated it.

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