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Hi, im looking for some avice as i am so confussed about what to do in my situation.

I found out about 4 weeks ago i was pregnant, i am now 10 weeks pregnant. It wasnt planned as i was on the implant.

I dont have a good relationship at all. We have alot of arguments and he is heavily into drugs and no matter what i say or do i cant make him change and come off them. He becomes very agressive (not physically) but very angry the next day afer having them which always results into a massive arugment.

I wasnt prepared one bit for a baby as im only 22 and i want to do so much more ith my life. I want to progress further in my profession and also see the world, so as you can imagine i was abit disheartened when i got the news i was pregnant as these ambitions of mine will now be put to a holt.

I dont want to get rid off my baby as i have already had a abortion when i was 19 years of age and i still think about it to this day and it upsets me, but i know if i stay with the farther of my baby and have this baby then my life will always be full of sadness tears and arguments. If i leave the father then that will make me a single mum before ive even given birth. I know people do very well being single parents but i just dont think i can deal with it. I really really would like some help and someone to talk to as i dont have anyone i can confined in

Thank you x

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Hi Hun, I'm going to message you xx


Hi honey,

So sorry to read about the situation you are in. If your partner won't change with a child on the way, then he won't change when kiddie is in the world.

You know in your heart what you need/want to do. I would never push someone to get an abortion, but it all boils down to your personal situation.

Do you think you could make it work as a single parent? Do you think your partner would change eventually?

Sorry I can't give more guidance, but I know what I would do.

Best of luck xx


Hi there

So sorry to hear you are in such a difficult situation. I think you should go and chat through your options where you had the implant fitted, as the healthcare staff would need to remove it as you are continuing the pregnancy. Your GP is also a great source of support, both with the pregnancy and emotionally. There is a third option to consider, which is, continue the pregnancy and put the child up for adoption. Your GP or local sexual health clinic can help support you through any of these options. If you have a local Brook clinic in your area they also can help in so many ways.

Good luck and I hope you source some help.

Best wishes



Most days I regret my abortion and cry alone about it and some days it seems to be easier. The worst part is when I went to have my abortion I asked the nurse to not show me the scan know matter what. I was already a mother and new I didn't want to see pics. We were almost done with the ultrasound and That nurse asked me if I wanted to see it even after I told her not too. I really think it threw off that she asked. When I looked I did some kind of uncontrolling yelp and cried like I have never cried before. It was horrible. Just something to think about if your unsure about looking.


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