Hello everyone, today I am 10+4 pregnant and was finally started to feel some excitement, about an hour ago I went to the toilet and bled, didn't expect it at all, the blood was very red, I went to the hospital but have to wait until tomorrow for a scan, it's my first baby, was trying for 8 months and I am gutted:( can anyone give me anything positive? I'm wrecking my own head and can't stop crying

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  • don't panic just yet, I bled for two weeks between 8 and 10 weeks was dark red, the baby was just fine, im now 31 weeks and everything is fine

  • I really hope so but I know it myself, the blood is bright red and is fresh blood, I can't even describe how I'm feeling, I know it myself so there's no need for me to even think positive:( thank you so much for replying to me

  • the best you can do is try to think positive, my friend had 4 bleeds in her pregnancy all before 12 week scan, each time she thought she lost the baby and each time everything was fine, her daughter is now 8 months and is healthy, just try to think positive I no its hard but assuming the worst is only going to tear you apart, I hope your scan tomorrow is good news

  • Thank you very much! I'll keep you updated

  • I had quite a few bleeds throughout my pregnancy, I now have a bouncing 14 month old little boy, you've done the right thing, I hope everything is okay!

  • Hi everyone just home, had an unltrasound and everything is great! Baby was bouncing about, cried with happiness! Thanks for your positive words everyone!!x

  • that's great news congratulations

  • Don't worry about things that are not there. Stay calm and positive and wait for the scan.

    All will be well x

  • Everything's fine yay! I'm just not stressing myself out anymore I'm sure it doesn't help things, thanks for replying! I have my 12 week scan next week x

  • Great news! ­čśŐ

    Enjoy your journey, I am loving every moment of mine.

    All the best x

  • Same to you!x

  • Hi Try not too worry until you have had a ultrasound. They will look for the baby's heartbeat.

    I had a miscarriage and l can tell you that the blood wasn't bright red it was a Browny discharge.

    So l hope you and your baby are well.

    Talk too me anytime x

  • I went for an ultrasound and everything is fine, I have never been so relieved in my life!! Thank you so much!x

  • Hi Chloe

    Enjoy your Pregnancy and try not too worry.

    At the end off it you will have a lovely Nappy Event.

    Lots off rest and Sleep, being Pregnant makes you tried. X

  • Tired

  • Yes I'm just taking things easy now, is 12 weeks okay for me to start telling more people?x

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