Am i pregnant? Im so confused :(

Hi there, i need some advice because im not sure if im pregnant or not.

I usually have irregular periods, but im 6 days late. Last month i started my period on the 17th, so this month i took a test on the same day to see if i was pregnant - it was negative. The last time i had unprotected sex was on the 10th jan Then i had unprotected sex on the 18th jan, well this month. Me and my fiance made sure that he didnt ejaculate in me, but i know there is still a risk even if he pulls it out just before he ejaculates. So i took another test on the 19th and everyday till the 23rd, well today - they all came back negative.

I havent felt the symptoms apart from being tired alot but thats most likely because ive been going to bed late and waking up early. My breasts always feel quite tender so i dont really count those as early signs of pregnancy. I know false negstives can occur which is whats freaking me out the most! ive been to clinics to ask for advice they all doubt im pregnant, but if thats the case why am i not on my period yet?

I just dont wanna go through this again, this time last year i was bleeding from my abortion. I do feel sometimes a poking pain in the right side of my, well what i belive to be is my fallopian tube, its not too painful but from my last pregnancy experience that poking pain occured and i was 3 days late on my period, i took a test that was positive on the 3rd day of me being late on my period. But that poking pain for me is also a symptom that i feel when im about to come onto my period so im really confused.

I dont want to be pregnant again, i really dont. I cant disappoint my parents or ruin my future, or have another abortion.

Can someone pleas help me?

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  • Hi Kirsten,

    I am sorry you are so stressed about this. Do try not to panic if possible.

    You are right in that you can sometimes get a false negative with a home pregnancy test, especially if you test too early. While you did the right thing in waiting until your period was late, given that you had unprotected sex 6 days before your period was due, and the day after it was due, it might still be too early. It can take up to two weeks for enough of the pregnancy hormone to build up in your body to be detected.

    Have you been to a sexual health / contraception clinic since your period was late? If so, did they take a test with you and discuss your dates? I think what you need is a face to face chat with a medical professional, and they can also take another test with you. If that is negative but your period still doesn't arrive after a few days, you should definitely go back to either your GPs or local sexual health clinic just to check there isn't anything else going on that might be affecting your period. If you are very anxious, perhaps your fiance could go with you if that would help?

    As you say, withdrawal is not an effective method of contraception, and if you did want to consider a reliable method you could have a chat with your doctor or nurse about this.

    I'm sorry I can't offer you a more definitive answer, but I really think the best thing to do would be to speak to a doctor or nurse.

    Best wishes,


  • Thankyou for responding to me, it's cheered me up abit.

    I have gome to 2 sexual health clinics since my periods been late and i took tests there too, the results were negative.

    One of nurses i spoke to told me to not stress so much as it could be causing my period to be late.

    But im still worried, i cant relax at all, its hard to.

    But i think i will go to my gp, possibly get a blood test as it could give me some closure too, well so ive heard from health websites.

    Thankyou so much for your advice, i really appreciate it so much :)

  • Hi Kirsten,

    Oh I'm pleased I could help. As you had sex on the 18th it probably wouldn’t show on a pregnancy test until around the 8th Feb, so you might possibly be testing too early for then, and the 10th would be around 31st Jan for a test. I agree and think maybe a trip to your GP will help, and they can also give you more information and / or prescribe a reliable method of contraception if that is something you might be interested in.

    Try not to panic - I know it's hard but as the nurse said the stress can't help.

    Best wishes,


  • I started my period the other day, im so relieved, thankyou for your support and concern.

  • If you really don't want to get pregnant don't have unprotected sex. Even if he doesn't ejaculate in you there still is a chance you will get pregnant. It is not fair to your body or your unborn child for you to keep having unprotected sex, pregnant then abortions.

  • Hello Kirsten - it sounds like you are having a rotten time, and as the Nurse said sometimes the stress can be what makes your period late. I've definitely experienced that before I must admit. I hope you are bearing up okay and if you can, do try and relax and hopefully everything will be okay. X

  • Im doing well thankyou, i started my period the other day, i was just late i guess. But thankyou for your support&concern

  • Good, i'm glad you are okay. If you didn't go to your GP in the end it might be worth popping in so that you can talk through contraception going forward. x

  • Oh I'm pleased. It could have been the stress. Yes, I agree with Judith - if you want to avoid falling pregnant in the future do consider using a reliable method of contraception. There are so many options out there.

    Best wishes,


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