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Unsure of abortion decision

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Having found out before xmas that i was pregnant with my 3rd child. I felt excited but confused. I spoke to my partner who sed about having an abortion as he works away and cant give me the support i need. I have already had 1 abortion 11yrs ago and it haunts me now. It ruined my relationship as i resented my decision and my (ex) partner at the time. It also affected my feelings towards my eldest who was 6mths old and i lost the attachment and bond i had with her. Now i fear the same happening again. I feel pressurised into having an abortion. He said he will support me through it. But he jas no idea what it feels like he can never begin to imagine what happens. The appointment is booked for in 3weeks but i dont think i can go through with it. But i know if i dont i will end up a single mum of 3 and at times find it difficult to cope with my eldest who is 12. Please help.

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I know how it is when you said it hunted you down. I can't make decisions for you and just want to let you know you are not alone.

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Hi There,

Sorry you are such a tough situation. Ultimately it has to be your decision what happens, as only you can decide what happens to your body. Is there anyone who you can talk to who is neutral? Or you could write a pro's and con's list before your appt, as sometimes writing it down can clarify how you feel. It is tougb, but you could also ask your GP for some support. I hope you reach the decision that's right for you and your family.

Best Wishes


Thank you valuablepeople and jules_bpas for ur replies it's such a big decision.

I have decided that I am going to keep baby 3. I just need to speak to my partner. I have tried to speak to him on several occasions to let him know I was unsure of the decision and always met with the phrase we will talk about it the weekend when I'm there. 2 weekends have come and gone and still not been able to talk to him about it. I have a feeling that I am making the right decision for me and that he won't be around to support me once he knows of that decision. Although I have no concerns about raising a child as a single parent I did it with baby2.

Looks like everything will work out. Had a good chat and cry (meltdown) and explained that I can't go through with it and he's going to stand by me and support me with the baby. So happy right now. :)

I am so happy for you!

So glad you took time to think about it and the courage to talk about it!

Wishing you all best!x

Thank you ChrisWest. It wasnt easy but it will all be worth while. Time to show the excitement that I was holding back and enjoy a special moment. X

Thanks for keeping us up to date! Even if I don't know you- after reading posts I always think of people who wrote and hope that best possible thing happened to them! So I was soooooo glad to hear that things are looking good for you!!!

Big hug,x

Hi guys a quick update i had a baby boy who is now 7mth old.. me and the other half split after baby was born and i was diagnosed with PND. Hope you are all well

Will you go to see your doctor about the PND?

Yes i did hence the diagnosis. Currently on treatment and feeling alot better

That’s great to hear

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