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Advice please

Hi everyone. A few days ago I had really bad cramping period pains and passed a small 1.5-2cm piece of flesh. I went to the docs and they said that either my body has rejected the coil or I ve miscarried. They have said they would send me for a scan but will have to wait to be posted an appointment? Does anyone know how long I will have to wait? Finding it really upsetting not knowing and still having cramps. There seemed no urgency about the situation. Any advice welcome.

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Hi hun. Was it just flesh or did you see the coil? Did they examine you? If its really painful ring NHS direct. I don't understand why there is no urgancy... When I had my 1st coil I bled for ages and had pain and just felt wrong, they sent me for a scan the same day where they found that it had slipped and told me to get it removed immediately as it was dangerous. I don't want to panic you and I was fine but had it removed same day. With my 2nd coil I fell pregnant and lost the baby. I tested positive, had coil removed next day (they would've left it in if I didn't want the baby), had to go back the next day as I was bleeding heavy and in lots of pain and they sent me to epau for a scan that day which showed I lost it. It was hard but easier to deal with knowing what happened. The limbo is horrible and I feel for you. Other than ringing NHS direct I would see another doctor and tell them you're concerned. Really think they should scan you, check bloods and poisition of coil for you if its still there x


Hi there

I would suggest getting in contact with your GP again and stress you are still getting pain, or if it's very bad pain go to A + E or walk-in centre and explain. They should be able to do a pregnancy test or check if a coil has moved.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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