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Anyone else feels fuller quicker

Do any of you feel that you feel fuller quicker after eating ?

Also, I was worrying that I was getting pain before but now the pain is not really there at all and I'm now worrying that because I've got no symptoms other than v v tired that this is not good!! I'm 4 weeks pregnant .

My first pregnancy so all v new to me and not sure what I should and shouldn't be feeling .

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I didn't feel any symptoms till about 6/7 weeks and that was only tiredness and bigger boobs! I wouldn't worry Hun xxx


I'm 7 weeks and I've lost my appetite a bit. Used to eat giant portions and always hungry but not so much any more. Also very tired, a bit nauseous from time to time, more sensitive to smells and backache. All this been happening since 4 or 5 weeks

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