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need some advise just had a baby and im pregnant again!!! with twins!!!!

on november the 20th i gave birth to an amazing little boy called max with my boyfriend by my side. he moved in with me my mum and my brother and everything was going great until i found out i am pregnant again with twins this time. the biggest problem is im only 15 (nearly 16) and im starting my gcses next week and really dont need this now. i havent told my mum yet but i think she'll be okay she was with max. the biggest surprise that happend to me was that my boyfriend proposed to me on sunday night ( hes 16) and i said yes, we do have income coming in i have a job waitressing which i started last week and he has an apprenticeship and a job at the local restaurant + my mum has 2 jobs gping to try and support us all. unfortunatly my gran died on december 14th and in her will she left me my brother and max 15000 pounds each in her will my brother and max arent allowed to access it till they are 16 but i am in a few weeks time and that will be going towards the twins. i really just dont no what to do, i went out for the first time today on my own with max and i was on the train going down to my cousins and he started crying and he wouldnt stop and im that tired i just burst into tears in the middle of the train and everyone just stared it was awfull and im really scared about the birth of the twins too like i dont want to have a c section because they leave scars and everything

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Hi there

I think the best thing to do as you have lots of questions, and feel rather scared, is talk to your GP or find out if in your area you have a local teenage pregnancy team that can provide the specialist care, both you and your partner can access. There may also be ante-natal classes that are aimed at young people. this link is to a lovely guidebook from Tommy’s (that you get for free) packed with loads of help and tips. Do go and access some support, and good luck!

Best wishes



thank you for this x


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I bet you're so terrified. It sounds like you have a support system around you. It's nobody's choice but yours if you have chosen to have the twins then maybe it's time let your mum know. Gp is also someone good who can give advice. I know it'll be a shock for your mum but from what your saying you seem like you're struggling with this and seem lonely. Find someone who can tell whether it's Your mum or someone else. You'll get through it. Having a child young is hard ( I got pregnant at 17) I'm now 21 with 2 kids and pregnant again. I hope all works out for you!!


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