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Pregnancy or phantom?

hey, im new on all this, but ive recently had my implanon out following a constant bleed that lasted 10 weeks... when i had the implant out, i stopped bleeding for a week, and the day before i had it out, i began taking the pill! thinking that the pill had kicked in, i had sex the day i had the implant out (unprotected) and then several times after (all unprotected) until i began to bleed half way through the second week of my pill... i read online that this could be "spotting" and is my body telling me that im pregnant, but im now on day 9 of my bleed and today is the supposed "week off" from my pill, so i have not taken the second strip, giving my body a week to recover.

is this normal or should i get a test? i dont want to waste money on a test as ive been bleeding but my body has been showing signs of pregnancy... sore nipples, sore boobs, nausia around foods i once loved, sicky feeling in the day, very tired and i am peeing a lot... help!

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Hi there

If you are worried about being pregnant following incidents of unprotected sex I would recommend taking a test as that is the only way to find out. If you are concerned about the cost you could pop down to your local contraceptive and sexual health centre and take a test there for free. If you don't have time to do this you can also buy pregnancy tests from places like Poundland.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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