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Mental health

I suffer from a mental health condition called psychosis I have it due to a number of past life experiences messing me up a lot. It causes me to have very bad mood disorder. I have been taken off my medication due to it possibly effecting the baby while its developing. I'm concerned about social services getting involved, this is my first child I'm 18. I know what I'm doing with kids I look after my nephew a lot but I'm just scared of what social will do

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Hi there

I hope you are okay having come off your medication.

I think you should have a chat with your GP and midwife to explain how you're feeling. There may be a mental health midwife in your area, or talk to your mental health team. Social care only get involved in extreme cases, and it’s better to talk all this through with healthcare professionals. This might be a useful link:

I hope this helps

Best wishes



do not have this man right


my fear needle nurse draw blood I put off if I can cry be for hand

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i am a man just do not like nurse draw blood part that i have great wife carer


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