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Peeing more at night


I'm still a virgin and the last time that out thing touched( rubbing our private parts )was on March Something and on April I went doctors to see if I was pregnant and it was negative and I also got my period but I got my period again, so basically I got my second period twice but anyways so I went again cuz I got scared but it was still negative. I dont have any symptoms of pregnancy now, idk if headaches and backached is one of them but I have been peeing 3 or 4 times but only at night and I don't know what's wrong with me and I took 2 home pregnancy and it was also negative. So now idk if I'm pregnant or not but I went doctors on Friday and I found out that I have anxiety. Im sure that it was the cause of pregnancy scare and family problems. But I just need an answer please, help me. Am I pregnant or what? Am I just paranoid? Or I have a infection or a problem?

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I wouldn't say your pregnant, you're probably drinking to much at night try cutting it down. You also feel the need to Urinate more during cold weather as you don't sweat. Maybe think about protection etc to make you worry less. I suffer from anxiety and psychosis and when I thought I was pregnant and couldn't get a straight answer I found it very stressful. Hope you find your answer soon

Username123_ in reply to Kittyy

Thank u :) and I don't really know hoe to help myself from anxiety cuz I'm not use to it and not everytime hearing pregnancy I just freeze and start not breathing

And I haven't got my period yet and idk when it's going come cuz I don't have regular cycle. I do get my period but sometimes I don't get it and then sometimes it's the first week of the moth or middle or last week of the month. So I don't know when to expect it but yesterday I did get a white discharge

Kittyy in reply to Username123_

White discharge is normal you just get more of it when pregnant. Only thing you can do it wait a few weeks and do another test love. Anxiety wise try not to think badly about it. dont think about it until you know 100%

Username123_ in reply to Kittyy

So what if I m pregnant but I wanna know how cuz the last time our thing touched ( we just rubbed it for a couple of seconds) was on March and I got my period on April and the doctor said I'm not pregnant on April and after that me and boyfriend avoided that our private parts would touch and I did two pregnancy test this month and it was negative

The white discharged, was creamy and sticky. Am I pregnant? I'm really paranoid right now

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