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Did my medical abortion fail?

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Hiya. I very sadly had to have medical termination on the 16th December 19 (my baby was very wanted, it just wasn’t the right time personally).

I’m pretty confident I passed the pregnancy and my symptoms stopped soon after. However, over the last few weeks, my lower tummy has felt solid, my nipples have darkened, popped out and become itchy. My emotions are all over the place, I haven’t had a period yet and my skin is horrendous!

Do you think it’s possible that I’m still pregnant and my abortion failed? There’s absolutely no chance of being pregnant other than my abortion failing. I’m awaiting anxiously for my pregnancy test to be delivered but any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Noway to know for sure till test

Then u need scan to confirm if it's ongoing or retained products. Lots of people have had failed abortions. The risk of malformations after taking the abortion tablet is 1%. Don't let the abortion clinic bully you do what is right for you

Is it possible it is a new pregnancy?

It’s definitely not a new pregnancy, no. I haven’t had sex since the father and I broke up.

I took a Clearblue test last night and it came back positive. I spoke to Marie Stopes this morning and she said a Clearblue test is ultra sensitive and to take a very cheap test and will probably be okay.

Although after explaining my symptoms further, she seemed concerned enough to preempt a second positive test.

I feel like such an idiot. I knew something wasn’t right!

The chances of Abortion failure in Medical Abortion are less. Buy Abortion Pill Kit called MTP Kit. which contains two vital pills known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol that will help in abortion. Take proper guidance from the doctor. You can buy this kit from the website DayNightHealthCare247.com

Go to the doctors then hospital, if the abortion didn't work then you would have to stay in hospital if you wanted to try aborting again, if you are pregnant though just think you may be about 2-3months gone and that is a near fully developed baby x Everyone's own personal choice but I thought you had to go back after a week or two after the abortion for another test to check? X

I am telling you I took the abortion drug and had ongoing pregnancy. I then found lots in similar situation on another mum's group

Hi everyone,

So the it’s a continued pregnancy according to all the doctors. I’m currently urgently trying to get a midwife referral. If my baby is healthy, I want to continue. I’m around 18 weeks and 2 days now. This would be one stubborn ass baby. I’ll have my hands full!

@sieh - I saw the same thing! I saw one lady have a healthy baby girl in the end.

Can I ask what happened with your ongoing pregnancy?

There obviously isn’t enough research on this! Or it’s at least not up-to-date.

I’m just terrified because I’ll be doing this totally alone.

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Sieh in reply to Whoruntheworld9

I am on netmums, there is tons of us and majority is healthy baby's.

I'm currently 33 weeks now. And my friend on there is having her baby on the 9th.

It's scarey

But according to doctors it's 1% chance something is wrong and you will have detailed scan at 20 weeks.

Get over to netmums and message me

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Sieh in reply to Whoruntheworld9

How are you doing with your pregnancy?

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