Could I be?!!

I stopped taking my contraceptive pill around 3 weeks ago now. The past week I've had tender sore breasts, they seem to take it in turns, I can only describe it as an intense ache. There's definitely an increase in fluids down below (sorry tmi) and I've also had these weird fluttering sensations in my lower abdomen and the odd cramping. I've had a lot of headaches recently and all I want to do is sleep!! Obviously I am due on my first period since stopping my contraceptive, could these symptoms be down to a period on it's way or could I be pregnant already?! I know its common for periods to not go back to normal for a while after taking it so I don't want to get ahead of myself.

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  • Many will say unlikely but i feel pregnant right after having implant out though i sadly miscarried but i then fell pregnant right away again and am.currently 32 weeks so its possible for yout body ti straighten out right away

  • Also didn't have any actual periods just bleeding from implantation and then the.miscarriage

  • So if I don't get my first period which is due early next week, should I take a test? Just in case? I was regular on the pill, like clockwork. I'm hoping it stays like that

  • The pill regulates your periods so theres a chance you wont be as regular. but id say take a test if your period.doesnt come then if negative and still no period week after that take another it can.sometimes take a while to show positive depending on your hormone levels

  • Hi There,

    Fertility usually comes back very quickly, with the contraceptive effect wearing off after 2 days of no pills, a first period is then usually quite soon afterwards. If it has been 3 weeks since you last had sex then a pregnancy test would be accurate now. Otherwise wait another week to see if your period arrives (or 3 weeks since last sex), then do a PT. The symptoms you describe could be many things, a test is the only way to know for sure. If a result is negative, wait a few days and repeat and always use early morning urine, as it's the strongest.

    Best Wishes


  • So I took a test yesterday which was a day after my period was due. The first test didn't work and the second came up negative, however I feel like symptoms of pregnancy are still showing, frequently urinating at least 3 times an hour (which was the first sign with my first baby) and also having to get up in the night to wee. I'm also starting to feel incredibly nauscious, my breasts are tender and I'm so incredibly tired!! I'm going to give it another week and try again. If not I guess it's just my hormones all over the place!

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