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Advise needed!!!

I have had an absolute horrible time this year. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and I fell pregnant I'm April. At first I was chuffed because I have always wanted to be a mum and my boyfriend already has a daughter from a previous relationship and figured we could be one happy family. Unfortunately it wasn't the right time. My boyfriend had a very bad experience with his ex which has left him in a bad state of trusting people and also I had just finished uni and we both have no money and we pretty much homeless. I ended up being bullied into termination which has mentally scarred me for life. It's been three months and I still cry but I knew it wasn't the right time for anyone. I regret it so much and wish I didn't care what other people think but I was bullied into thinking I would raise a baby by myself and homeless from my family and his. Anyway a few months have passed and I've been on the pill, taking it correctly and I'm 90% positive I'm pregnant again! I'm having the exact same symptoms as last time and I also fell pregnant on the pill last time. I know 100% I will never put myself though what I went through if I am but what should I do???? My boyfriend threatened to leave me last time of o kept the Baby because of his last relationship screwed him over (he's not even on the birth certificate of his daughter) and we are madly in love and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and he does with me too. His daughter loves me as well and would love to be a big sister. I'm just worried. We've got a house now but live with his brother and girlfriend and we don't have much money but I can't go through that trauma again. Please help :-( x

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I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time, but all your worries and concerns are totally normal. Did you have any counselling after your previous abortion because it might be worth getting in contact with the service you used and asking them for some counselling? One of my girlfriends had an abortion and found it really hard to come to terms with afterwards so she had counselling a few times and said it really helped. What I would say is that you should take a test to find out for definite if you are pregnant or not? I know you don’t want to talk to your partner about it because of what happened but do you have a friend or a family member you could talk to or take the test with? I really do hope you are ok. x


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