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Is it true that canesten can make your contraception less effective? I am using condoms and read somewhere that canesten

can make rubber contraception not work properly. Does this mean that the condom would break? would I know? I am really worried - my period is not late yet but being pregnant would not be a good thing for me right now. My last pregnancy was very difficult (love the end result though) but my little girl is still small and I am not ready for another. thanks for any advice

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Hi Snowtinker- I hope you are bearing up ok. I think I have heard that canesten can damage the latex in a condom which makes me think that you would have noticed a spilt or tear if it had reacted? But I’m not totally sure, wish I could be more helpful . How long until your period is due? You can get some pregnancy tests that can be taken early to detect whether or not you are pregnant so perhaps you could take one of those to put your mind at risk? Xx


Oh god I never knew about that! They should put that on the packet!


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